Feeder One

Through Feeder One, PGZ offers; next to unburdening of van full-service retailconcepts also independent logistics services for fine-grained distribution to DiY and Prof-chains in the Benelux. Our services are currently being deployed at A-brands, DiY- and gardensector, builders’ merchants, retailers and E-commerce organisations. 

As logistics service provider it is our vision that the lowest integral chaincosts in the Omni-Channel market are only realisable though bundling of volumes and activities combined with transparent communication.

Our pilar and your advantages are:

  1. Lowest chaincosts: ‘Cooperation is more efficiënt’
  2. Unburdening: we unburden your stockplanning, distribution, administration, invoicing, etc.
  3. Transparancy: u only pay for the services which are being used; Pay-Per-Use. Our ratings are communicated in advance.
  4. Flexibility: our short time-to-market enables your new products to be availabele to the consumer within several weeks.
  5. Performance: high delivery-performance = high availability = less lost opportunities = more sales

How do we unburden your logistic challenges?



The more we can deliver at once the more advantage you have as a retailer.

But you get more;

  • one point of contact
  • one phone-number
  • one email address

And if a slip up occurs just one creditnote.