About PGZ International

PGZ International B.V. is founded 2006 and functions as a holding for PGZ Retail Concept and Feeder One.

PGZ International targets the international DIY- market and has the ambitions to grow the company on a European scale. The current group has a strong position in the Beneluxmarket with about 150 million euro revenue and 230 employees.

Het headquarters is located in Houten (the Netherlands).

PGZ International has distribution centers in Roden (16.000 m2) and Wommelgem Belgium (23.000 m2).

PGZ International has arisen from 4 companies (integrated into PGZ Retail Concept en FeederOne)

  • Nollekens: Leader in Painters’ tools and Houshold Belgium
  • Massart: Leader in Handtools and Hardware Belgium
  • Pril: Leader in Painters’ tools Netherlands
  • AGZ: Leader in Garden- and Handtools Netherlands
  • Joint Venture Anza: A-brang Painters’ tools
  • Verimex: Top-quality paintbrush production in Belgium since 1934

Our Vision

Through chainoptimisation, increace throughput time, reduce costs

Mission PGZ

PGZ International is thé independent transparent DiY supply chainprovider of the BeNeLux

PGZsupplier film

About PGZ Retail Concepts

PGZ Retail Concept is a progressive supplier of products and concepts in the professional and DiY-market of the Benelux.

Based on solid knowledge of the market and consumer, innovation, worldwide sourcing and quality logistics we realise added value for our partners.

About FeederOne

Feeder One is independent specialist in Operations en Supply Chain Management for retailers and (A-brand)manufacturers in the de large scale Do-it-Yourself market.

Within the Do-it-Yourself world Feeder One is the preferred partner in fine-grained distribution and storage of van A-brands and private labels.